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This page holds information and advice specifically for Fife Council employees


Working as part of Fife Council

We recognise that these are uncertain times for our non-UK EU colleagues and that concerns about work and job security may be a part of that.  Chief Executive Steve Grimmond is clear that here at Fife Council we’re committed to providing welcoming workplaces.

“Whatever happens with Brexit, in Fife we will always welcome and value employees and citizens from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries. People from all over the world play a vital role in the council’s work, as well as contributing to our vibrant local communities.

"While the Brexit negotiations are beyond the council’s control, we’re committed to providing welcoming workplaces and dependable services. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.”

Steve Grimmond, Chief Executive, Fife Council


Employee nationality census

We’re carrying out a census of council employees’ nationality in the run-up to Brexit to help us get things right for colleagues. Please take a minute to complete the ‘Nationality’ field in aboutMe.

We will always welcome employees of all nationalities but this important piece of work will help us:

  • support EU colleagues around the council and pass on important information directly
  • avoid sending people information that’s not relevant to them
  • continue workforce planning and make sure we have people in posts to deliver vital services in the future
  • ensure we meet future requirements around the right to work in the UK

Managers: please make sure staff in your team know to do this. Use the publication linked to this page for noticeboards or as a handout where appropriate.

Update your details now 

If you already have aboutMe access:

  • Sign in to aboutMe, click on “Personal” on the top menu, select the Sensitive information card under "My personal details" and complete the box called ‘Nationality’ using the drop-down list and ‘Contact details’ to check/update email address.
  • Access aboutMe at any time from work via the home page of FISH or from any internet enabled device at
  • EU citizen? Please also check you have an up to date email address recorded under ‘Contact information’ so we can share any Government or local information, advice or support directly with you.


Not got aboutMe access, why not register?  It’s all about you.

  • If you don’t have login details for aboutMe this is an opportunity to register.
  • If you can use the council's intranet you can request access to aboutMe by logging in to First Contact and following Services > People and Pay > AboutMe and Pay > AboutMe/AboutMyTeam/iTrent > New AboutMe (iTrent) User Account.
  • If you don’t have access to the intranet, then your manager has to request it in First Contact on your behalf as long as you can provide a work or personal email address. Your manager should log into First Contact and follow this route: Services > People and Pay > AboutMe and Pay > AboutMe/AboutMyTeam/iTrent > New AboutMe (iTrent) User Account
  • Remember, as well as giving direct access to personal details, aboutMe lets you check payslips, P60’s, review holiday balances and update your personal details.
  • See aboutMe information, including guides, on FISH


No way to access aboutMe?

  • If you either can’t get or don’t want direct access to aboutMe you will need to tell your manager your nationality and current email address.
  • Your manager will be required to update the system - as they would with employees’ annual leave requests or sickness absence information.


Settled and pre-settled status for EU citizens and their families

There is no fee associated with the scheme. Anyone who paid a fee during the test phases will be refunded. Details of the refunds process will be published on the .Gov website.

See more about the settled status scheme on our main Brexit advice page.



The current understanding is that Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pensions will not be affected. When they are due your money can be accessed from abroad. Several of our pensioners have moved overseas already and access funds from abroad.

 See UK Government guidance: "EU citizens in the UK: benefits and pensions in a ‘no deal’ scenario"


Health & Social Care staff

The Government confirmed that Health and Social Care workers from the EU with professional qualifications will be able to continue to practice in the UK as they do now. Professional qualifications will continue to be recognised whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal.

Find out more on the HSCP employee portal.


Contingency Planning


It is for the UK Government to decide whether UK-wide elections take place, including the European Parliamentary Elections. As part of our contingency planning, we're making preparations that will let us swiftly take the necessary action if elections need to be held. 

No deal

In the event of a ‘no deal Brexit’, the UK Government is already working to avoid issues like fuel shortages, product supply chain or medicine supply problems. We’re working with the Scottish Government and other partners – and the council’s Incident Management Team (IMT) has been established, to plan for and reduce the impact of such situations. 

However, should a situation arise that affects our ability to deliver services, or makes it difficult for some employees to get to work, our Critical Incidents Guidance will apply. 

This is the same set of advice and procedures that applies in severe weather – and all managers and employees should familiarise themselves with this guidance to prepare for, and respond to, any incidents which may disrupt normal ways of working. These guidance documents apply to both teaching and single status staff.

Further support

We will continue to share information that may affect employees, as it becomes available, on these pages. You can also keep yourself updated by subscribing to the Home Office email alerts

Support is also available via the employee counselling service for EU citizens with worries about the impending changes which are causing them anxiety or stress.  Please speak to your manager in the first instance.


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